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Whilst racing in the USA, the le Riche Brothers formally known as Bruce and Brent le Riche, performed exhibitions and shows all over North America. Enjoying this thirst for show life they brought their experience and a touch of international class back to their home country – RSA. Kicking off their very first gig back in 2007 at the Rand Easter Show, they’ve never looked back, performing all over Africa and the rest of the world and growing every year since. Even introducing brilliant new South African riders into the action packed show!

It wasn’t until 2017 - Le Riche Racings’ 10th birthday on living the show life, that the game changed altogether with the launch of their entirely new and world class show! These legends took a brand new extended length Isuzu 4ton truck and had alterations professionally done to enable the truck’s cargo box to be fully detachable from the truck’s chassis/cab and stand alone on four legs. Brilliant!!! Creating so many more setup combinations that if 2 or more shows are to be done during the day/event, it stays fresh and different every time!


• Approximately a 25 minute unique & extreme

  show packed with action from start to finish, of

  skilled but daring stunts comprising of spectacular

  wheelies, nose wheelies, ramping up and down

  3.7M high ledges and so much more!


• All this done on a state of the art trials motorcycles

  under full control. Only 17 South African Trials

  Championships, finishing 2nd & 4th overall in the

  USA and other multiple international racing

  experiences, allows these motorcycle magicians

  to be fully in control when doing these mind

  blowing tricks! Stunts never performed or even

  attempted before in South Africa are now

  possible, promising to be a mind blowing show

  that will impress all audiences.


• A fully kitted out 4ton Isuzu truck, professionally

  built and tailor-made to the le Riche brothers'

  specifications is used as the basis for the

  demonstration known as the rig. Extra side and

  self-standing obstacles are then

  unpacked and setup close by.

• Sure to get the audience revved up - Le Riche

  Racing run upbeat music through their

  professional PA sound system. Best of all, the

  show is extremely crowd interactive with the

  rider/s wearing cordless mics, talking and

  explaining and bringing the audience right into the

  action on just how they fly across these giant

  gaps. Anyone watching are sure

  to be blown away!


• Audiences are also magically turned into

  volunteers as prize give-aways are offered to

  someone who can balance the bike for 5 sec or

  brave to lie down and have a 2 stroke man and

  machine bunny hop right over them!


Sun City Spring Break | The Rand Show | Johannesburg International Motorshow

The Ballito Pro | SA Bike Festival – Kyalami International Grand Prix Circuit

In 10 years of off the chats extreme stunts - Le Riche Racing has had ZERO incidents!

Crowd giveaways

Fully crowd interaction as rider’s wear cordless mics together

with upbeat background music!

Massive social media exposure with photos taken and media shared!

Not to mention beforehand social media event awareness!

So unique and impressive, it will leave audiences talking about it for week after.

Performed by world class professional sportsmen in complete control, not just dangerous rehearsed stunts, but a showcase of amazing possibilities

of what a motorcycle can do!


These Boys prefer a flat and grippy surface – ideal for burn-outs and vertical wheelies but grass is also great!

Where space is a challenge, an explosive “no rig just ramps” mini show can be offered. This is often perfect for corporate demos where space is a problem. Area for the show starts from 3M x 10M, all the way to 50M x 50M when events want to use the all-conquering dual-rig setup!

We required some form of crowd demarcation, preferably Speed Fencing. A 220V power outlet for the Music and Mic system. Height restriction for new truck setup is 3.7M.

We do have an alternative rig setup if height is a problem.

This exhibition will leave people amazed and will be the topic of conversations for weeks to come!

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