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Insurance Zone

Not only supporting Le Riche Racing but our beloved sport of Trials too! So much appreciation and respect for this dynamic and amazing company! Le Riche Bros. title sponsor…enough said!


Founder and 4 time world motocross champion, Thorsten Hallman was one of the men who introduced Motocross to the USA. This amazing Swede was inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame and we haven’t even started on how amazing and world leading his riding apparel still is today! Protection, comfort, look and feel…for pro riders!


With the only part of the bike ideally to ever touch the ground, Dunlop is the only tyre they use with trust built up from days raced back in the USA! A good sponsorship too as with the usual burnouts and other drifting antics that they get up to at their shows!


LRR brought in the professionals and specialists in protective and decorative film. Llumar have applied a clear protective film over the side of the truck where their latest “Wall Ride” trick is to be performed on. Resulting in zero vinyl damaged where those sticky Dunlop tyres go!

Tommy Martin

At Le Riche Racing damn the boys love their bikes…but so too do they share a special connection with their new Isuzu truck - Baxter! The wonderful people at Tommy Martin make sure that Baxter is happy, serviced and getting the superstars to their show destinations!


For many pro athletes…just to be associated and to ride for such an elite worldwide brand, is considered the same feeling of accomplishment to winning a championship! The Le Riche Bros. are one of only a handful of actual Monster Energy sponsored riders in South Africa due to their extreme motorcycle handling capabilities. Hooking our boys up with the biggest and best events in the country and keeping them dialled with the best energy drink!

Dirt Nurse

Keeping all of the dirt off and leaving our race bikes and equipment in pristine condition, Le Riche Racing uses only SA’s top selling motorbike, bicycle and car care cleaning products from Dirt Nurse which are available nationwide.


High performance 2 stroke race bikes need high performance race oils! The bros. were first sponsored by Maxima back when they raced in the States, and why would they want to change it on African soil? You can smell the highly refined castor oil coming from their bikes at a show near you!


Italian motorcycle manufacturer and Brent’s weapon of choice! Brent uses the 300cc 2-stroke EVO Factory brought in by Universal Trials, Multiple World and South African Championships together with incredible local backup makes Beta and unstoppable force!


Also Pretoria based, Q4 Fuel fuels the bros. in their truck all around the country! The way these guys operate, they are sure to be a household brand in South Africa very soon!

Cranium Room

As the saying goes – “suit maketh the man” … the brilliant minds at Cranium Room took our bland white 4 ton truck and used a multitude of different vinyl’s from reflective to protective, to created not only a visual masterpiece, but practical and usable too! Also helping the bros. out with digitally challenging work…these guys will help digitally change your entire business!


All is given for a winning performance and EVS gives the riders protection to do so! Never a broken bone or even a stitch during their racing and show careers…boils down to skill and the quality of equipment.


Bruce has always ridden well on the blue Spanish Sherco, with multiple American and South African National round wins, the bicycle and trick setup suits his style perfectly…especially for those rear wheel hops!

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