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Technical Enduro and Trials Training

Started riding? Want to do The Roof of Africa? Or just improve your riding and save energy?


Don’t let your technical game let you down in your races or out on a ride with your breems. Get an in depth breakdown on - body position, techniques, approach, line reading and just as important the theory behind the science. All this in a clear and simple explanation, with most probably a lot of hand gestures and bike “gassing” sounds…


There’s no question that Trials benefits in learning control in any form of motorcycle riding, and with 17 South African Trials Championships/ European and American racing experience we’ve got you covered!


But it doesn’t help if we can’t transfer that experience and knowledge clearly over to you… so with four intense years of racing and providing solid training at the world famous Trials Training Center in Tennessee, we have all the training experience to be able to help you correct your old bad habits, breakdown techniques, and explain simply why we use what technique when.


Our training has even led to teach us the legend - GP World Champion Kevin Schwantz and other AMA road racers on national American TV! You will not find more in depth experienced technical Enduro

and Trials training anywhere else!

Kevin Schwantz with his heroes – the Le Riche Bros.

at the Trials Training Centre in Tennessee.

Don't practice all the wrong techniques, learn the correct body positions, throttle control, terrain reading, body weighting and much more from the professionals!

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